Concrete flooring is budget friendly

For all its versatility concrete is amazingly inexpensive, especially in comparison with natural stone products. It’s the perfect solution outdoors when your budget is limited. Furterhmore, concrete tiles are extremely durable and weatherproof. Frostbite and heavy rain won’t stand a chance against your new concrete driveway!

Concrete is authentic

Concrete tiling and flooring render your garden and driveway an authentic touch. Concrete is a natural product readily available in many shapes, sizes and colors, making it very easy for your to find a product to your liking. One thing is clear, though: your driveway will stand out!

Facade, driveway and patio: the concrete style!

Another benefit of concrete driveways, patios and terraces is their flexibility. Intercarro’s wide array of concrete tiles makes it nice and easy to match the style of your concrete driveway with your house’s facade and interior design.