Can I order on the internet?
An order can be made in the showroom or at the office desk, via fax or email. Where the latter is concerned you’ll receive you receipt in PDF format via email. Orders are confirmed once the agreed upon payment amount is received, and the order form is signed.

How will payment be made?
Intercarro always demands payment in full upon delivery, or upon picking up the order. Payment can be made cash or with a certified bank check. Bear in mind that the daily maximum limit can vary from bank to bank. All of our showrooms accept payment with debit or visa credit card. You may also pay electronically, one week before delivery or upon picking up your order.

How much is a deposit-down payment?
20% at the time of placing your order; the balance is due upon delivery or when picking up your order.

Do I have to buy full boxes?
No, we do open pallets and boxes in order for you to receive your required amount. Only when dealing with special foreign orders do we require full boxes to be purchased.

Do I order all tiles at once, or can the order be split up?
We do recommend you buy your tiles all at once, since different production runs may exhibit variations in hue.

What happens when the calculated amount proves insufficient?
We urge you to always order enough material to complete your project. If additional tiles need to be ordered, it’s important to mention the correct colour and calibre. Should your tiles be out of stock, it may prove extremely difficult to find additional identical quantities.

How can I take advantage of the reduced 6% sales tax?
The reduced tax rate is in Belgium only applicable under certain conditions, in case of an existing dwelling older than 5 years. You will find more details on the official site Bottom line is that only recognised contractors and tiling professionals can bill at the reduced rate. You will arrange with your contractor for him to buy the material at 21%, after which he will invoice you at 6%. Intercarro-partner-contractors can certainly bill you in the above described manner. The reduced tax rate is regretfully not applicable, should you choose to instal your own tile.

How much is Belgium’s regular sales tax?
21%. All of our prices are marked including and excluding VAT.

Can I recoup the sales tax abroad if I have a tax identifying number?
Provided you have an official transport document (CMR waybill) showing the goods were purchased abroad, and you possess a valid tax identification number, VAT is not applicable for export within the EU.

Will the tiles be carried indoors upon delivery?
No, all goods will be unloaded using a crane, and placed on a, for the delivery truck, accessible spot.

How long does delivery take after payment is made?
Most goods are carried in stock, and are thus available for immediate delivery. Should an item be out of stock for foreign orders, it may take, on average, up to three weeks. Only in exceptional cases may delivery take longer. It’s recommended you set up your appointment at your house or construction site, three weeks before the projected delivery date.

How do I know if my order is ready?
You will be notified in the manner of your choice. By phone or email.

Can an exact time and date for delivery be scheduled?
We only take broad scheduling into consideration, AM or PM. We do offer the possibility for the driver to contact you when he reaches the vicinity of your location. That way you can more or less anticipate his arrival.

Are tiles heavy? Would I be able to transport them myself?
A 9 mm ceramic tile weighs approximately 19 kg/m2. A regular car can handle about 17 m2. Collecting your tiles in 2-3 trips is always a possibility. A trailer may prove more convenient though. Load permitting, the pallet can be loaded onto your trailer using a forklift.


What about warranty?
All materials are subject to the regular manufacturer’s warranty. Fractured materials are exchanged at our warehouses, free of charge. Should problems arise, you’ll receive a visit from a specialist or factory representative. Under no circumstances should you instal tiles showing visible defects. Should this be the case, the tiles are immediately taken back and exchanged for 100% flawless ones.

Are all delivered materials first rate products? Can this be checked?
All of our offered materials are strictly first choice, unless otherwise stated. You may double check this by assessing its packaging, which should clearly state (choice, calidad 1). When in doubt we recommend you do not instal the materials.

Can tiles, after delivery, be stored outside?
Make sure the boxes will not get too wet. Tiles that are not frost-free could possibly absorb moisture, and crack when temperatures reach the freezing point. You most definitely will want to cover the goods adequately. All cement-based adhesives and hardwood materials should be stored under dry conditions. After delivery of the goods, the client will be solely responsible, and thus is expected to protect them. Wooden crates made be outfitted with iron bands, which should be removed to prevent rust stains.
What about broken tiles? 
It goes without saying that you’ll purchase undamaged goods. When returning fractured materials to our warehouses, they will be exchanged free of charge. Intercarro will always make an effort to find the matching tone (colour) and calibre (dimensional size), provided the customer can communicate them. This information can be found on the packaging and on the receipt.