Cement Tiles

Using cement tiles is very much on trend right now. These tiles are produced and coloured in true artisanal fashion, and lend your interior that rustic feel.


The use of cement tiles is a popular new trend. These tiles are made and coloured in an artisanal manner, and imbue the interior with a rustic quality. Because of their high porosity and tendency to stain, cement tiles tend to be challenging where their maintenance is concerned. The maintenance of cement tiles is similar to that of a natural stone tile. You may use the same Lithofin products (www.lithofin.com) to do so.


It’s advisable to always bond tiles. Your working surface should be level, rigid, dry and free of debris and grease. You may possibly even want to treat the surface with a primer. Before putting down your tiles, you should draw a tile plan according to the enclosed schematic. Work your way out from the centre. That way you’ll create the largest possible area of uncut tiles. Keep your working area immaculately clean; dirt and excessive glue- and bonding material should be removed immediately. Moistening the back of the tile will enhance its adhesion. Aim to achieve a thin grout line, as this will showcase your tile pattern.
Always use a grey or possibly silver grey coloured grout. Shy away from black or anthracite coloured grout, since these contain pigments that can possibly cause severe stains on your cement tile.


Once the floor and grout has dried out, you will want to remove any adhesive and grout residue left behind, using an acid-free cement residue remover (Power-Clean, www.lithofin.com ). After two days have passed, check if the floor is dry; you can use the ‘plastic-bag-trick’ to do so. Put a clean plastic bag (or even cling wrap) on the floor. Seal of the edges with a good quality tape like duct tape. No condensation collecting on the bottom of the bag, after a 24 hr period, signifies the floor is dry enough to impregnate (W spot stop, www.lithofin.com ). Once the floor is finished, you can keep it clean by using a mild detergent ( MN Wash & Clean, www.lithofin.com ). Never use chlorine, bleach or acidic cleaning products.

Practical Questions

Can a cement tile be used in combination with radiant floor heating?
Provided one uses a flexible adhesive and grout, cement tiles can easily be used in combination with radiant floor heating. Extreme fluctuations in temperature should be avoided during, and several weeks after, installing your floor. Follow the general guidelines for radiant floor heating, and no problems should occur.

Can cement tile be used outside?
Cement tiles can be used in open courtyards and entrance hallways. Using them in full sun is not recommended since (albeit minimal) fading can occur.

The use of cement tile in public areas.
When using cement tiles in public areas like restaurants, offices, stores, … it is advisable that maintenance be done with a professional polishing machine.

Can cement tile be used in a shower?
Cement tiles are not recommended for shower usage. It may well be done, but hard water conditions will create lime scale, which cannot be removed, since lime removers themselves will irreparably stain the tile.